1. College View :

We have an excellent view of college .There are not a single Teacher Training College (B.Ed.) in Hingalganj Block & also rest of Blocks. To solve this problem the college was established in 2009 & the college is governed by Baghajatin Swami Vivekananda Welfare Society, (Registration No. – S/IL/55469 of 2008-2009) 10/1A, Biplabi Ullaskar Dutta Road, P.O. – Baghajatin, P.S. – Patuli, Kolkata – 700 086.

2. College Playground :

We have an excellent sports ground with provision for footfall, cricket, volleyball and badminton. There are also indoor arrangements for playing carom, table tennis, chess and such others. Annual sports meet is organized besides seasonal arrangement of both outdoor and indoor competitions. Students have the opportunity in participating college  organized sports and games and other such meets.

3. Class Rooms :

All class rooms are well lighted and ventilated, spacious too. For imparting quality education each room is equipped enough with various kinds of teaching aids including Power Point Presentation arrangement, besides the long traditional black board and or glass board. Each trainee has the opportunity to have direct contact with their respective teachers. Arrangement is so uniquely designed that teacher can view a trainee and each trainee can view the orator teacher and all the presentations delivered by him with ongoing interactive process so that a deeper understanding and learning process develops, clarity of expression is maintained and thought provoking ideas are imparted amongst all trainees.





4.  Science & Mathematics Lab :

Science is the knowledge which is explored through experimental verification of facts in nature. Hence natural science can only be thought by testing, experimenting, demonstrating with the proper skill development of keen observation, interpretation of the results and generalization of rules and principles and thereby conclusion in the form of hypothesis and ultimately the theory and or laws. To achieve this goal our institute is well equipped with all necessary equipments with which all these objectives can be fulfilled smoothly and effectively particularly in the field of Physical science (having Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics) and Life science. In this resource centre mathematical thought and ideas can be cemented through various instrumental structure and patterns of models. Educationists of various fields orient and motivate the trainees of this institution so that they themselves can cater the needs of their students, develop and materialize their concepts of developing amongst them in future.

5. Geography & History Lab :

6. ICT Resource Centre  :

Such resource centre iS actually the ideal combination of Educational Technology, Computer Lab and Language Lab comprising of sufficient servers, computer machines , printer, LCD Projectors, VCD Player, T.V. Internet facilities, other software including language software, head phones and such others. Computers are with modern configurations for students’ use. Scanning and Printing facilities are rendered to them, so that teaching learning process can attain its peak utilizing these resources.

7. Art & Craft Resource Centre  :

This is housed in a well designed spacious room with adequate electricity, tools, equipments, furniture’s raw materials’ reference materials, books, periodicals and motivational works. Students can utilize all these for their creative works of arts and crafts, Besides, they can develop their Teaching learning materials(TLM) hand works, low cost and no cost demonstration items, making of toys or ornamental products out of unused home materials, drawings and paintings, needle works like ‘kantha stitch’, decorative pots, flower vases, earthen engravings and so many, out of their own desire. Work education productions are preserved in this hall and are displayed in annual exhibitions.

8. Psychology Resource Centre  :

We all know that for making a teaching learning process quite a success students’ aptitude, intellectual level, intesest, personality, adaptibility and other such psychological parameters are to be measured through proper tests and experiments. To materialize this, this institution harbours a spacious well equipped psychology resource centre having all infrastructural facilities with psychological test equipments like, KNPI for personality, Koh’s Block Design Test for intelligence, Passi Test of creativity etc. CD’s on human growth and developmental stages, Conditioned reflex test, videos, transparencies, power point etc. for convenient course of studies and experimentations.

9. Health & Physical Resource Centre  :

Regular basic health check up facilities include Thermometer, Glucometer (for glucose level test) Sphigmomanometer (for Blood pressure), Stethoscope, Weighting machine, Microscope, Treadmill, Blood T.C. and D.C. counters, W.B.C. and R.B.C. pipettes etc. to provide the opportunity of primary findings on the health parameters of students, teachers and other persons concerned.

For providing students adequate resources to excel in sports and games by creating a favourable environment imbibing on the ethics of sportsmanship various items like chess, carom, badminton, volley ball, foot ball, cricket etc. have been included here. Due professional competence can be developed through such physical and emotional culture.

10. Multipurpose Hall  :

A well equipped multipurpose hall enriched with modern devices like LCD Projectors, public address system, other audio-visual systems, covering an area of 2000 sq.ft. provide the excellent opportunity of performing seminars, workshops, cultural functions, prayers, edufest and such others.




11. Common Room & Canteen :

Boys’ and girls’ common rooms refer to the rooms which are actually mini social centres for the intermixing with their exchange of views. These are pleasant with T.V. a source of recreation. There may he meetings, group discussion, other such activities by which they know the ropes to whom they can turn for help. Musical and social events take place in that atmosphere making each other refreshed. New ideas and concepts may also develop from this cradle land of open thorough fare through the interactive activities.

An arrangement of hygienic Canteen maintained by the Self- Government with permitable capacity is being established in the premises.

12. Other Infrastructures :

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1. Prayer & Assembly :

National anthem and or such prayer is mandatory for all of this institution before the commencement of daily activity every day through an assembly in corridor or in any other suitable place. Compulsorily every student will have to participate here. Besides, a theme of the day – speech would be delivered on the basis of a daily routine, sequentially according to Roll number of the students. Besides, special assembly would be arranged on various occasions including the days of observance.

2. Seminar :

Seminar is a routine feature of this institution through which all the students are activated and get ready to contribute too through their participation not only on the course contents but also in various disciplines of modern teaching learning processes going on. Expert academicians of the institutions of repute are invited to deliver their valuable lectures on this occasion, thus all of our students as well as faculty members are enriched enhancing their self esteem, confidence, creative thinking and communication through it.

3. Cultural Activities :

Dance, drama, theater, mime, recitation, music, audio-visual activities probable performing art are included in our cultural activities. Students are to be directly involved from the very conception stage to the final execution. Hence through self government activity they are exposed to have the opportunity of self expression, building self esteem, self assurance and due role playing in the society.

4. Publication:

To promote the latent literary talent and capacity of innovative thinking of the trainees, a wall magazine is to be published quarterly and an annual issue of valuable writing collections of all the faculty members, students and of well wishers, management personalities would be published by the B.Ed. department focusing the central dogma of educational issues. Faculty members of their own have the opportunity of publishing a journal from their end to keep in touch with the modern trends of teaching-learning process and to express their own views, research work, particular issue oriented articles and such others. Seminar lectures prepared by the students would also be published departmentally with departmental special notes.

5. Educational Excursion:

Educational excursion is an outfield study of the students beyond their confinement within the four walls of class room, in achieving practical knowledge in various aspects of life situations. Such study includes environmental surveys and awareness campaigns on issues there on such as population growth, social problems like child labour, health status of mother and child, irrational beliefs and superstitions, computer literacy, present status of ongoing teaching-learning processes in different types of institutions from pre primary to university level, social functions and such others. Various historical places of interest, Museums, gardens, Academic institutions, open field of natural beauty, typical village of the locality or outside etc. are taken into account for such studies.

6. Field Visit & Survey Work:

we arranged the every year an  awareness camp about Swachh Bharat Abhiyan or Swachh Bharat Mission is a nation-wide campaign in India from 2017, that aims to clean up the streets, roads and infrastructure of India’s cities, towns, and rural areas. The campaign’s official name is in Hindi and translates to “Clean India Mission” in English.We clean the road side of Samsernagar, Basumati F.P. School in Kalitala Gram Panchayet. Near about 57 Common people in both sex including some Teachers of nearby schools were present to participate the programme. Dr. Sekhar Ray & Prof. Sumon Mandal (TIC) always present there to lead the awareness camp and guide the active social worker students.

 7. Sports & Game:

We have an excellent sports ground with provision for footfall, cricket, volleyball and badminton. There are also indoor arrangements for playing carom, table tennis, chess and such others. Annual sports meet is organized besides seasonal arrangement of both outdoor and indoor competitions. Students have the opportunity in participating W.B.S.U. organized sports and games and other such meets.

8. Prizes & Awards:

Annual awards and other prizes and or awards as to be declared in future, would be introduced for best performers in various scholastic fields including Academic attainment, Sports and Games, Cultural activity, Creative art performing, Work education, Teaching learning material, Rural technology development, Field Survey Work, Innovative Works, Final Teaching best teacher, Awareness Campaign activity and such others as considered by the management. ‘Merit-cum means’ Scholarship for studies would also be under consideration if favourable conditions are prevailed.

9. Bio metric Attendance :

The National Council for Teacher Education (NCTE) has directed all teacher education institutions (TEIs) and the central universities offering teacher education programmes to install bio metric machines within 30 days to record attendance of the faculty members and students.
Cautioning tough actions against those failing to comply with the directive, it has sought the institutions to display the records of attendance on their websites, with updates “on a weekly basis” to enable regular monitoring “by the council designated staff or organisation.”
Sundarban Anilkrishna Mahavidyalaya (B.Ed.) is situated in a rural area where 24 hrs Internet and Electricity is not available. But, to support the law of NCTE we install Bio metric machine. We will update shortly all attendance form August, 2019 to till now.

10. Other Activities: