College Govt. Body

Managing Committee previously formed according to-
G.O. NO.-EdN(CS)/10M-31/05,Dated 28 th February,2014
The formation of Managing Committee as recommended by staff council, academic council
and existing Managing Committee has been approved by the Governing Body finally. The newly
constituted Managing Committee consists of following Committee members. Name of Portion :
1. President (Elected by new G.B. members) –

Dr. Sekhar Ray.
2. Member Secretary (Ex-Office Principal) –

Dr. Swarupa Chakraborty
3. Member representative (Nominated by the Registered Society)-

a. Md. Sadatullah,
b. Sri Jagannath Baidya &
c. Mridul Roy

4. Donor representative – (Nominated by the Registered Society) – Dr. Sumita Mandal .
5. Teachers representative (Elected by Academic Teaching Staff) –
a. Mrs. Ananya Mandal – Assistant Professor.
b. Prof. Suman Mondal.- Do.

6. Non-teaching Staff representative (N.T.R) – [Elected by Non – Teaching Employee]

Mr. Sanjib Kumar Mandal.
7. Higher Education Department Nominee –

(Applied to Hon’ble Secretary Higher Education)

Department Govt. of West Bengal .
8. Director of public instruction nominee –
Applied to Hon’ble D.P.I.
9. District magistrate nominee –

i) B.D.O. Hingalganj .
10. University nominee –

i) Dr. Abhijit Kr. Pal .
11. Guardians representative nominee nominated by Managing Committee-
Mr. Suvhendu Bikash Mondal